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Privacy Firewall

Sotreus, fast and easy-to-use VPN service protects internet activities from cyber threats and surveillance


Maximize Security and Performance

DNS Filtering

Both AdGuard Home and Pi-Hole offer robust DNS filtering that blocks ads, tracking cookies, and malicious links across the entire network.


Customizeable Control

Administrators can tailor filtering rules, including blacklists and whitelists, to meet specific security and browsing needs.


Network Level Protection

Ensures all devices connected to the network are protected from unwanted content and cyber threats, regardless of their operating system or hardware.


Enhanced Network Performance

Tools block intrusive ads and harmful domains, reducing page load times and saving bandwidth for a smoother, faster browsing experience..


Features of Sotreus


Comprehensive Functionality

It offers APIs that make it easier to set up, configure, and manage your WireGuard VPN, including distributing client files to users. The APIs abstract away much of the complexity of VPN operations.


Easy Integration

Work seamlessly with WireGuard VPN services, allowing users to integrate and manage their VPN networks with ease.


Easy Deployment

Seamless adaptation to various environments, enabling easy scaling and customization to meet specific needs without disrupting operations.


Secure and Private

Built on the secure and privacy-focused WireGuard VPN protocol, ensuring your VPN network remains safe.


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